Walls and Ceilings

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How Spectar Brings Value to
Walls and Ceilings Teams

With design intent right in front of them, teams are able to quickly spot potential issues, ensure code compliance, proper installation, and much more.


Having a 1:1 model in front of you helps everyone in the field see the entire scope from start to finish. 

  • Build complex geometry with angles, position, and composition in 1:1 model ratio in front of you;
  • Resolve clashes before you build them;
  • Stage and layout materials better;
  • Accelerate the learning curve and achieve "Journeymen production levels" by apprentices;
  • Verify proper installation by comparing the design intent with construction feasibility.

QA/QC Application

Seeing up-to-date design intent throughout the build helps field teams perform more QC faster.

  • Identify issues faster to avoid rework;
  • Check proper installation of studs, backing, and bracing;
  • Verify proper blockouts for mechanical, plumbing, and other trades;
  • Ensure ADA compliance prior to inspection.


Prefabricating walls, exterior panels, soffits, and plumbing walls off-site is the new norm.

  • Manufacture in bulk offsite in a safer environment with consistent performance and quality;
  • Use Spectar to visualize shop drawings and install manufactured parts quicker;
  • Create and form materials to specification.

See How Spectar Can Help Your Walls and Ceilings Team

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