A Powerful Set of Tools Designed to Maximize the HoloLens 2 Functionality

With Spectar 2.0, you'll be able to take full advantage of the HoloLens 2 hardware and functionality. Load full floors and even full building 3D models, and deliver them at a 1:1 scale on the jobsite.


Addressing the Top Concerns of VDC and BIM Engineers

Across all of our interactions with VDC and BIM managers in construction, we have identified these main concerns regarding Spectar and how we bring BIM to the Field using AR and the HoloLens

Single-point Tracking for Steady Hologram Placement

Keep model placement consistent and accurate on-the-go, without needing to place new anchors through the Portal/BIM, giving field workers the ability to reposition with digital anchors on the fly.

Spectar enables all trades to work off the control lines - the most accurate control points on a jobsite. The HoloLens has full 6DoF tracking and uses a variety of mechanisms to locate itself in the world and maintain steady hologram placement. 

HoloLens FOV-1

View Complex Models with Expanded FOV

Based on Microsoft specifications, the HoloLens 2 FOV is a 52-degree diagonal field of view, offering an expanded view of the hologram for a truly immersive experience. Load and view processed 3D models for full floors in the HoloLens 2 app. Position, rotate, and fine-tune the model for a full level to real world on all three axes in under a minute.

Want all the details? Download our Spec Sheet for a full list of features. 

Store Models of up to 3GB in Size

A typical 400mb model is the equivalent of a building witha total size of 336'x22'x66'.14,295 sf area. 1,246 ft of framing wall. 6,831 ft of conduits & cable tray. 5,462 ft of pipes. 1,325 ft of duct.

How Spectar is Different From Competitors

Spectar stands out by our ability to understand your needs and create a custom plan to bring our product to the field within 30-60 days. We start by understanding your journeymen needs for performing a specific app, and then provide you with templates and plugins that extract the right data and bring it to Spectar so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

In the field, Spectar's alignment to control lines is unique in the industry, giving your craftsmen the ability to align the technology to the most accurate points on a jobsite. Further, our proprietary tiling feature enables larger models to be loaded onsite without having to re-download and reposition every zone separately.



Bring Your BIM Model to the Field
in 3 Steps

Place Target

Drop in HoloTargets that are used to align the model on the jobsite.

Group 4-2
Spectar uses the OPEN BIM .ifc file format. Export the model to ifc.
Upload the file to the Spectar Portal where it is immediately processed and ready for download on the HoloLens.

Download the Spectar Revit Template