Mixed Reality for
Wall & Ceiling

Following the SWACCA Innovation Committee's kick-off meeting, all SWACCA member contractors can now have access to a tailor-made Pilot Program.

Evaluate how Mixed Reality can benefit your Wall & Ceiling organization and make the most out of tools which are designed for your specific use cases and workflows.

Discover the immediate value Mixed Reality can create for your W&C organization.

Join the SWACCA Pilot Program and kick-start your Mixed Reality discovery

W&C and Augmented Reality:
An Immediate impact


Attract & Upskill labor

Future-proof your labor and attract younger Apprentices through the use of the most advanced technology in the field 



Office-Field direct collab

Maximize Office-Field collaboration through the use of exclusive features such as AR issue coordination (BIMTrack), 2-way fully immersive BIM video call and more


First time right

Minimized reworks will alleviate RFIs and Reduce material & labor costs. Journeymen can walk through the entire building and accurately perform tasks based on what they see in full scale


Results-driven innovation

Stand out from your competitors by deploying cutting edge technology which drives immediate results to your Customers’ projects, your labor, and your organization

Tried & Tested W&C workflows

Job walks
The fastest W&C inspection in the field with the ability to load the BIM model in full scale. Your Foremen can walk around the jobsite and immediately see any discrepancies or errors. The immersive experience offers unmatched inspection speed and collaboration during a job walk process.


Installing backing
Journeyman and Apprentices are now empowered to sprint through backing tasks by seeing backing locations, type, height and other relevant information to Field crews. Changes in Backing are immediately reflected in the Field, creating time savings and eliminating rework.


Communicating with Project & Design teams
Loose ends, disruptions and as-built deviations recorded from the Field to PM and BIM teams fast and with all relevant information during the build stage. Eliminating friction and ensuring timely resolution.


HubSpot Video

Thought leadership & Innovation

By joining the Pilot Program, your will also gain access to content and production which will reinforce your organization's position as an innovative contractor working at the forefront of technology.