Case Study: PUBG Cave - Los Angeles, CA

Project Overview

PUBG is a successful online multiplayer game played around the world. The company wanted to build a cave in their new offices to bring users into their game experience. The cave is comprised of complex geometry making for a challenging project.


With complex geometry, the PubG CAVE plans have many difficult angles, geometric shapes, and a roof at different elevations in a tight space. Donald Manuel, a Journeyman Carpenter at Martin Bros. knew it would be a challenge to build. In addition to a complex build, there were the ever-present safety concerns since the space is tight. A lot of material and equipment in the small project area would have increased the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Additionally, there were the ever-present challenges of staying on schedule and under budget.

Solution: AR

Complex measurements and angles make a great use case for Augmented Reality. By modeling the Cave, the BIM team was able to upload the model to the Spectar Cloud and see the Cave in the shop and on the jobsite. The HoloLens displays all the building components from BIM so a worker is able to see the model 1:1 anchored on the jobsite. In Manuel’s words: “Think of it as putting yourself in a virtual environment and you’re able to see your environment without it actually being there. And you’re using that model, that template to build.” As Manuel built the PubG CAVE, he could see the different elevations of the roof, all of the angles and components of the structure, and build directly from the image projected in front of him. Using traditional building methods, the worker needs to refer to blueprints and use many different tools to be able to measure and build. The more complex a project is, the more time and mental fatigue are involved in the traditional build process. With Spectar, Donald was able to put on the HoloLens, load the plans, and begin building. The process was greatly streamlined, without referring to blueprints and using more specialized measuring equipment.