Built for the Field

Spectar enables field teams to access rich 3D BIM information so they can build faster and work smarter.

Spectar has developed optimized technology and workflows to promote the highest level of accuracy and stability of the model possible, enabling you to build better with fewer mistakes.

Simple to Use
User experience makes or breaks technology adoption. Spectar is designed with simplicity in mind so anyone can get up and running quickly from BIM to Field.
Hands-Free Solution
The Head Mounted Display (HMD) enables field teams to work on the jobsite heads-up and hands-free. Our software connects to Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is safety certified and jobsite compatible.

Key Features

Spectar transforms, stores, and delivers BIM to the Field in an intuitive interface with field-focused features.
3D Model
3D Model 1:1 on the Jobsite

By bringing 3D to the jobsite, your field team can visualize the BIM model at a 1:1 scale, allowing them to build faster with less translation from 2D plans.

Model Positioning
Single Target Model Positioning
Easy and accurate positioning of the model on site. Repositioning tools allow field workers to quickly adjust the placement.
Meta Data
Metadata can be included in the model and be displayed by selecting the objects.
Work from the correct elevation throughout the jobsite and adjust for unique environments.
Offline Mode
Offline Mode
Never worry about your network connection. Your team can continue working despite network reliability.

With fast, cloud-based processing, BIM engineers can upload their work in minutes while field teams can stay updated on the jobsite without slowing down.

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The Spectar Ecosystem

Spectar BIM Hub

The Spectar BIM Hub includes automation, detailed workflows, processes, and enablement tools to get models uploaded to the Spectar Cloud.

Spectar Cloud
The Spectar Cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, transforms, optimizes, organizes, and stores BIM model data for the Spectar Field App.
Simple to Use
Spectar Field App
The Spectar HoloLens App empowers teams to see and interact with their BIM Models at a 1:1 scale on the jobsite in offline mode.


Spectar infrastructure is built with security in mind.

All Spectar network traffic is transmitted using Transfer Layer Security (TLS) encryption protecting data in motion.

All data is stored in a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud using 256-bit AES encryption at rest.
Isolated Data
Isolated Data
Spectar separates client data into unique storage instances to secure content within the cloud.

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