Pipe & Plumbing

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How We Bring Value
for Plumbing Teams

With Spectar, pipe and plumbing teams are able to increase the quality and productivity of the build by visualizing the BIM model on the site during QA/QC, installation, and pre-fabrication.


  • Ensure ducts and pipes, embeds, and sleeves are properly installed;
  • Layout faster by visualizing the finished project;
  • Reduce plumbing installation time by checking for flaws ahead of time, and verify by comparing with the model superimposed on the workspace.

QA/QC Application

  • Ensure a smooth build by checking proper installation of ducts and pipes, embeds, and sleeves by visualizing the model on-site;
  • Check the point of connection with mechanical equipment;
  • Validate code clearance;
  • Detect potential flaws in plumbing systems layout.


  • Create and form plumbing materials like pipes to spec;
  • Speed up assembly;
  • Verify plumbing systems against the model to ensure consistency and accuracy of the build.

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