Connecting Field Teams to the Design Intent 

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Work Better, Faster

Spectar empowers journeymen and foremen in the field to make better decisions and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Identify Potential Issues Across Trades

Having a model of all trades empowers teams to easily spot issues in their own trade and see how other trades will interact with their work. With more information on the jobsite, teams can make better decisions and deliver faster with more confidence.

BIM Model

Speed up Layout Times With the 3D Model on the Jobsite

A clear 3D model in the field can significantly reduce layout times by projecting the BIM information against the build to see positioning, size, other trades, and metadata. With more clarity to the design intent, field teams can focus more on building and less on converting 2D plans into the 3D world.

Avoid Inconsistencies in the Delivery of Prefab Systems

Misinterpreted construction documents lead to wasted time and materials. By visualizing the model during assembly, teams can optimize materials and time while validating the build to the model.

Field Team

Why Spectar is Different from Competitors

Spectar is built with journeymen and foremen in mind. Our platform allows field teams to have access to real-time BIM changes and metadata on the jobsite, without any disruption to existing workflows. 

We start by understanding your specific needs and creating a custom plan to bring our product to the field within 30-60 days. 

By intuitively interacting with the BIM model overaly at 1:1 scale on the jobsite, Spectar eliminates the need for complicated shop drawings, improves collaboration across trades, and results in significant productivity gains in the field.

How Spectar Helps Field Teams Build Smarter Jobsites


With Spectar, you align models to control lines. Once the model is placed, the entire processing power of the HoloLens device is used to keep your model stable. This enables a better user experience, as your model does not "jump".

Hands-Free Solution
The Head Mounted Display enables field teams to work on the jobsite heads-up and hands-free, allowing them to see the 3D BIM model against the build in real-time as they perform the application.
We know worker safety is important to you. Working with Spectar does not require any changes to any of your existing safety protocols. All members of our customer-facing teams are OSHA certified. 

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