Are you trying to reduce errors and downtime, and improve operational efficiency? Want to be able to find junction boxes faster?

Take advantage of a 45-day free trial with Spectar, and see how electrical contractors benefit from visualizing 3D models on the field. Standardized for any job, scalable for any jobsites.


Delivering Value for
Electrical Teams

By visualizing the BIM model on the field, electrical teams are able to increase the quality and productivity of the build.


  • Reduce installation time by identifying potential issues ahead of time and verify installation by comparing the as-built to the design intent.
  • Ensure blockouts, penetrations, and sleeves are properly installed to handle materials and equipment;
  • Check vertical install at each step;
  • Layout backing faster by location, visualizing position, materials, and marking.


QA/QC Application

Information is a critical component of QC. Having 10x to 100x the information available on the field enables electrical teams to ensure quality throughout the build.

  • Check proper installation of blockouts, penetrations, and sleeves, by visualizing the model at a 1:1 scale on the field;
  • Ensure proper access to panels;
  • Check for ADA compliance.


Optimize Pre-Fabrication by visualizing the model on the field.

  • Measure and bend conduit to spec;
  • Speed up conduit assembly;
  • Verify against the model to ensure quality and consistency.

See How Spectar Can Help Your Electrical Team

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