Building Journeyman-First AR for AEC

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About this Webinar

How can AR technology support journeymen to overcome their biggest challenges, such as low productivity, shortage of skilled workers, and rework?

What You'll Learn

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  • Get insight into how Spectar develops field-ready products using input from the jobsite;
  • Learn how craftsmen in the field leverage new tools and what it takes to drive adoption; and
  • Discover how Spectar enables your journeymen for better output & performance by reinventing the traditional toolbox.
Gal Ozery

About the Speaker

Spectar Partnerships, Gal Ozery

A Neuroscience graduate and published author, Gal has been working extensively with AR/XR and wearables since 2014, participated in the design and execution of three national studies, and holds two AR patents. Currently, she is leading Sales at Spectar and connecting the talented Product Development team with the market's most pressing needs.