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Overcoming Industry Challenges with AR


Owners, General Contractors, Leading Wall & Ceiling contractors and Construction Professionals are all getting ready to travel to Grapevine, Texas for the in-person Wall & Ceiling event, after 2 years of virtual (or cancelled) events. 

The largest Wall & Ceiling expo is right around the corner and is taking place on April 6&7 in Grapevine, Texas. After 2 years of virtual (or cancelled) events, everyone at Spectar is getting ready to showcase the capabilities of our Augmented Reality tools & services. Wall & Ceiling contractors, Owners, General Contractors and Construction Professionals attending the event, will discover AR through an up-close & personal experience.

Whether you are attending the event in person, or you are not able to travel, you can engage with us through our in-show activities, and have INTEX updates delivered to your inbox after the event. 

2 booths (#1010 and #1011) in which you will discover how Augmented Reality enables Trade Professionals in jobsite and Fabshop environments:
- First-hand experience of being fully immersed in BIM models
- See real Wall & Ceiling use cases, executed and explained, live

Stop by to experience AR for yourself…and see what we built with our own hands.

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Attend our showcase special, delivered with Martin Brothers, on April 6th, 1240pm

A 30mn keynote, through which you will discover how Augmented Reality enabled project crews to deliver the landmark Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – and reach up to 7x productivity on certain tasks. The keynote will cover key topics such as:

  • Considerations to deploy BIM-to-Field with AR
  • Project challenges, and how AR enabled efficient solutions
  • Results and opportunities created through AR



Let's talk at INTEX! If you are attending the event in person and you're interested to find out more, directly from us? Book a meeting with us at the show, to find out what AR can do for your organization.

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 You are also invited to download our Whitepaper, which will uncover all the details about deploying Augmented Reality on your jobsites.