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How Contractors and Subcontractors Can Leverage Construction Tech to Attract Young Talent

About the Author: Nikolai Suvorov is the CEO of Spectar. With over 15 years of construction industry experience in leadership positions globally at companies providing construction solutions, Nikolai has a deep understanding of the construction landscape and the productivity challenges faced by industry players. His pragmatic approach to driving technology in construction focuses on the economics of Construction Tech to create measurable ROI for customers by leveraging technology in the field. 


In a few short years, the Construction industry could look remarkably different. Your apprentices and journeymen’s typical workday will be unrecognizable. Their 6-2 could consist of:

The truth is, this reality is just around the corner. Digital Construction leaders are faced with a choice. Are you going to be afraid of what robots could do to your industry? Or are you going to embrace them?

Charlie's Dad Toothpaste

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s Dad finds himself out of a job, losing out to a robot who can screw toothpaste caps on far faster than him. But the story has a happy ending, as he finds employment fixing the machine that replaced him.

For me, this lesson has never been more relevant. With a global push for energy efficiency, the complexity of our buildings is only increasing. We’re being asked to construct state-of-the-art buildings—in ways we never thought possible—with thinner slabs, new materials, and different means & methods. I believe robots could be the precise answer to our industrialized construction needs.

If you take one point away from this article, it’s this: The key to unlocking future improved productivity on your job site is technology. As I’ve previously written about, the core lever of productivity, and your company’s economic engine, are your Apprentices and Journeymen. So the question we need to ask ourselves is: Are your Journeymen and Apprentices ready for the next 10 years of Construction innovation?

Most of you will be participating at Autodesk University. Look how far we have come with BIM.

You’re probably realizing how different your work is in 2020 compared to 2010. Here’s the important part: Apprentices and Journeymen are about to experience the same quantum leap forward in the next 10 years. If this doesn’t get you excited for AU 2020, I don’t know what will!

From the entire Spectar team, we’ll see you there.