Autodesk University 2019 Recap

Autodesk University 2019 was an incredible week! Inspiring talks of the future, fascinating technology showcases, and great people connecting at some solid afterparties.

Autodesk did an excellent job getting people around the world fired up and ready to build the future, with its “Better starts here” tagline, challenging the influencers in the AEC space to envision and deliver a better world.

A better world with innovative solutions that solve real problems the world will face in the coming years. The  innovation, driven by people, culture and technology, to drive the industry for better use of energy and materials, building better buildings, and creating more meaningful work.

Technology remains an opportunity for the AEC to capture value while creating a safe, diverse and exceptional place to work. With so much Construction Tech at AU it’s hard to pick a few, but here goes.

Design is evolving
Software and hardware continue to evolve the design industry in new ways. Architects and designers are increasingly empowered with better tools to design and better tools for build teams to build.

Build is expanding to off-site
Innovative methods of building including Modular Construction and prefabrication are changing the build landscape. Modular construction enables teams to build faster while prefabrication is reducing cost, increasing quality and requires higher standards of QC empowered by AR and AI.

The life cycle of 3D modeling continues to come together 
As AR moves BIM into the field, the same model can be used for: design in VR, clash detection and planning in pre-con,  building/QC/clash detection/communication on site in AR and finally in the hands of the property owners and management companies to have X-Ray vision of their building for smarter maintenance and renovations based on accurate as-built models and data from built-in sensors coming together.

Automation is empowering people to build faster and more complex projects
Automation platforms like dynamo are enabling teams to focus on more meaningful work, enabling them to solve harder problems and build smarter.

People are ready
It was said in a talk that innovation in the industry will ultimately boil down to adoption and that people are the ones that will find innovation ways to use these technologies. We saw this everywhere. People are ready to try new things and embrace technology to solve problems in new and innovative ways.

AU inspired us to build a better world by designing to the limits, creating more  meaningful work, and connecting people. As innovation in construction continues to empower the industry to be able to do this, we are incredibly excited to be part of it. 

We are looking for you to join us in AR, reach out and let's build the future. 

- Spectar Team

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