Spectar - Adding AR to End to End Workflows & Integrated Project Delivery

Adding AR to End-to-End Workflows & Integrated Project Delivery

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About this Webinar

Where can AR technology be implemented into your existing workflows to increase productivity and ROI?

What You'll Learn

  • See how Spectar's AR solutions enable End-to-End collaboration, Interoperability, and Integration;
  • Discover new possibilities through processes and real-examples; and
  • Get a first-hand understanding of where AR can fit into your workflow to increase jobsite productivity and profitability.
Nikolai Suvorov

About the Speaker

Spectar CEO, Nikolai Suvorov

With over 15 years of construction industry experience in leadership positions globally at companies providing construction solutions, Nikolai has a deep understanding of the construction landscape and the productivity challenges faced by industry players. His pragmatic approach to driving technology in construction focuses on the economics of Construction Tech to create measurable ROI for customers by leveraging technology in the field.