About Us

Our Roots

Spectar was born in construction.

Our journey started in 2017 as R&D of a construction firm, focusing on exploring the possibilities of AR in the field. We developed an AR solution that proved to have significant ROI value, garnering the attention of ENR and starting conversations with companies around the country.

We began with specific workflows and worked to improve the outcomes. We then built out a team of top industry talent to develop a software and cloud ecosystem that will help others do the same. We are committed to improving construction through innovation and helping companies build the next generation of construction.


We Have the Boots

We pride ourselves on being with our customers on their jobsites.
The most innovative contractors are solving problems by applying scalable workflows and technology from Spectar. Your expertise in construction is matched with our expertise in BIM and Augmented Reality. You will see us on the largest jobsites in North America working alongside with the most progressive contractors leveraging our product to meet the needs of the foremen and journeymen on site.
You are tasked with infusing technology and innovation to reskill workers. Spectar helps companies integrate AR into their existing workflows to improve onsite execution and deliver business value.
Our team consists of innovators in both technology and construction. With expertise across technology, process, and business disciplines, we focus our efforts on innovation that drives your ROI.
Our VDC team is experienced not only in BIM and 3D modeling but in the application of AR in the field. This team is built to support customer VDC teams in the onboarding and strategy of integrating Spectar into their workflows.

Why Understanding Construction is Critical



VDC teams are continually under increasing pressure with not enough time. Our team understands this and has developed a VDC plan to optimize the onboarding and execution of getting AR into the field efficiently.


Understanding how field teams work and see value in technology is an important aspect of implementation. Our years of experience in the field have enabled us to develop a strategic plan for Journeymen, Foremen, Project Managers, Superintendents, and others that focuses on getting practical results.


Because our team understands how the business operates, invests, and where profit centers have the most impact, we partner with our customers to show metrics and real business value that will impact the bottom line and the future growth of the business.

Shared Values

In working with top innovative construction teams, we have consistently seen that our values align with those of our customers.

 In partnering with Spectar, firms can expect secure and confidential information gathering and storage.
As a team, we tackle big challenges, forge new paths, and help customers rethink the future of construction.
We’re driven by a passion for and a commitment to improving construction through continuous innovation. 
Our team is tenacious when it comes to moving your construction enterprise forward with Augmented Reality. 
What to Expect
Agree on Opportunities

We drive success by helping our customers properly identify key levers to deliver ROI with Augmented Reality.

Co-Develop Strategy
Our strategy team brings a proven plan to accomplish business results that includes calculating the business impact to the bottom line.
Integrate Into Workflows
We work with your existing workflows. Our team builds out a plan to integrate  and scale across the organization.

We Get Construction Teams Up and Running with AR