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Our Commitment to Construction

Spectarâ„¢ was founded by leaders in the construction industry with the vision and long time commitment to further the process of innovation and digitization of the construction industry. By creating an accurate three-dimensional holographic construction overlay at real jobsites, Spectar's Augmented Reality increases the productivity, effectiveness, and safety of workers, translating into higher profit margins as well as a more reliable finished product. Furthermore, Spectar's use of Augmented Reality has the potential to attract and retain the next generation of construction workers.


How Spectar Works

Spectar is a cloud and software platform that converts BIM files from existing workflows (Revit, AutoCAD, Navis), stores and delivers them to a HoloLens application that enables field teams to see the models at 1:1 scale on the jobsite.

Our Process


Work with our team to help plan out how AR will be used and scaled across the organization.

Our team is here to help your team understand and adopt Augmented Reality on the job site. 

Our team is here to support yours along the path to the future of construction.

Customer Testimonial


PubG wanted to bring it's game into it's building. Martin Brothers and Spectar teamed up to help bring the Architects vision to life.

See the full Case Study.

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